Alison Lawrence

Office Secretary, Clifton office

Alison was born in West Coker, a small village outside of Yeovil in Somerset, but has lived in South Bristol since she was 10 years old, so very much considers Bristol her home. Alison now lives in Bedminster Down with her husband and two (grown up) children - at least when they are not at university. After finishing her schooling, Alison attended secretarial college and has worked in a secretarial position ever since. Alison joined Team RH in 2000 and so for the last 13 years or so (she took a short career break for a few years), her fingers have been flying over our keyboards ensuring that our letters and brochures are produced to perfection and that our property portfolio is displayed on our websites, portals and systems correctly, as well as the million other things our beloved secretaries do behind the scenes. Alison is a little bit of a ‘dark horse’; her sweet and quiet nature belies her many talents, including a brown belt in Karate, singing and amateur dramatics, as well as thoroughly enjoying running, reading, gardening, and running a Rainbow Guide unit which she has done for 20 years!

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